Dissertation Examples

Making Use Of Dissertation Examples

Degree level students must undertake a dissertation which is a complex and demanding task. Writing a dissertation is much more complex than essay writing and has many requirements to fulfill which require a combination of skills. By referring to dissertation examples, students can gain useful insight on various aspects of dissertation writing. However, care should be taken to ensure that the dissertation you choose is the correct one for the purpose.
Selection Criteria for a Suitable Example:

• The dissertation you select must be suited for your own dissertation requirement. If you are writing a PhD dissertation, referring to a masters dissertation will not serve the purpose.

• The example should be a well written high caliber dissertation. If the example is wrong the student will be misguided on the task.

• The relevance to the field of study must be considered. Choosing to refer to a law dissertation when you are writing a marketing dissertation will not give you much guidance on the appropriate literature, the flow of argument or the language use.

• Dissertation writing should comply with formatting requirements. These vary by the study discipline. If you are referring to an example to get an idea of the dissertation format, then you must select a one formatted as per your own formatting requirement. For instance, most of the business schools use Harvard system while social science department make use of APA system.
Usefulness of a Dissertation Example:

A sample dissertation can be of much benefit to a student who is not aware of the basics of dissertation writing. Following are some of ways in which a dissertation sample can help students.

An example can give an overall idea of what the whole task involves and the gravity of this project.

A good dissertation can guide the student on the dissertation format, structure, the layout and the required chapters.

A well written dissertation will guide the student on how to write each chapter such as the introduction, the methodology or the literature review. The sections to be included within each chapter can be referred to from a sample work.

Gaining knowledge on how to format tables, figures, and appendices is another area which an example can be helpful. Even if you refer to the format guide such as the APA manual, seeing it done in a sample work can make the requirement clearer to you.

A good dissertation can give an idea of the writing style to be applied. A dissertation is intended to present a body of original knowledge which the researcher has uncovered through strenuous research investigations. There has to be proper justifications for choices made and all assumptions must be clearly stated. There has to be a deep level of analysis and synthesis in your writing.

It is rather evident that a good dissertation example can be of immense benefit to an armature who is attempting to write a dissertation like this. If you too find it a hard task, seek help from a reliable writing assistance service such as essay-writing-services co.uk. The company offers a range of writing services including essay help, coursework help or dissertation writing at any level of academic studies.

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